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Rackmount Cases

The rackmount case is a water and dust proof transit case for 19′′ electronics that includes shock and vibration absorption features. Rackmount transit cases are NATO approved and are designed to meet the rigid requirements of U.S. Military specifications in addition to most international specification requirements. Rackmount transit cases represent the most comprehensive line available today for the safe packaging of mobile electronics made exactly to customer’s specifications. We have developed a unique expertise in designing and custom manufacturing to deliver the right quality for your application on time.

Aluminum Storage/Transport Cases

We offer individualized case solutions for every storage, transport or operation application. We solve our customers packaging challenges through innovation. We manufacture top quality cases using corrosion resistant materials in state of the art design. Our cases are built for the highest level of stability and provide protection against all relevant environmental risks. The degree of protection built into these aluminum, lightweight cases is extremely high. They are exceptionally resistant against drop shock, mechanical shock and vibration. When closed they provide excellent protection against the damaging intrusion of sand and dust, snow, ice and water, meeting the IP54 Standard per EN60529. They are suitable for tropical high humidity locations and are termite proof. These aluminum storage/transport cases meet MIL-STD-810 Rev G blowing rain test.

Cooling Cases

The cooling cases provide complete temperature control for the contents of the rackmount case. Our cooling cases product line starts at the low end of complexity with fans and on the high end with active vapor cycle air conditioning. Depending on the heating or cooling requirements, availability and type of electrical power, we will find the best system for any application.

Rugged Cases

The rugged instrument case is extremely versatile and waterproof, offering the widest range of sizes and options. They are ideal for the safe transportation and field operation of delicate equipment for
commercial, industrial and military use. There are many special features that help ensure the safe delivery of intricate and sensitive instruments in transit and operations in hostile environments.

Contact your representative for more information about our transit cases.

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