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Tim Gatton

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Bob Wells

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The leader in aeronautical telemetry, Quasonix has built products with unmatched performance and service. From miniaturized transmitters to airborne and ground-based receivers and tracking antennas, they don't just do telemetry, they are constantly "Reinventing Telemetry".

Telspan Data is a leader in ground-based and ruggedized telemetry technologies.
They design and manufacture ruggedized recorders, switches, gateways & TAPs along with telemetry ground systems & “data fusion” software.   These products give Instrumentation & Test Engineers unparalleled flexibility and capability as the testing requirements change and grow.

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Masterclock's time synchronization devices do everything from ensuring smooth programming transitions for broadcasting studios to helping astronauts with timely liftoffs. Since 1994, their product portfolio of master clocks, time servers, count controllers, digital displays, analog clocks, and PC cards have been trusted to support mission-critical applications.   

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DTS specializes in miniature DAQ and portable data logger solutions for a variety of applications including product development, performance validation and safety testing. Engineered for extreme test environments, DTS compact data logger and sensors are rugged and reliable.

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