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Tim Gatton

Sales Representative

Tim has been involved in aeronautical telemetry for over 30 years.  After his time in the US Air Force, he started with EG&G Special Projects in Las Vegas (flying to work for 10 years), then spent 10 years at EMR Telemetry designing systems from sensor to storage … and putting complex systems in Germany, China, and Australia.  In the early 90’s, he joined the startup Veda where he spent 20 years growing that company.  In that time he developed a telemetry systems training course and taught the course at the Tustin Technical Institute (TTI).  Over the years, Tim has been most everywhere, from Ascension Island to the Arctic Circle (Esrange in Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden), which included teaching duties in India and Turkey. Over the years he has been a member of the Telemetry Standards Consultive Committee (TSCC), the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), Association of Old Crows (AOC), Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE), Range Commanders Council (RCC),  VFS, and today is a staff member with ITC.

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Andy Seidel

Sales Representative


Phone:  717-435-0530 

Andy has over 30 years of experience in technical sales in the Aerospace and Defense industry with several companies, including Herley Industries, EnerSys, Ultra Electronics, Aydin Displays, and Kratos Defense.  He earned a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.  Andy is a U.S. Army veteran having served four years in the Signal Corps as a Microwave Communications Systems Technician performing system analysis, troubleshooting, and repair of line-of-sight and tropospheric-scatter communications systems.  He also supported Test Range telemetry and data communications while stationed at Yuma Proving Grounds.   


Andy has a strong technical background, extensive experience in sales, marketing, and business development, and a commitment to the highest level of customer service.  His experience includes  component, sub-system, and system level sales in both domestic and international markets.  Andy’s product experience includes flight termination receivers/systems, radar transponders, data acquisition/telemetry systems, encryption support modules, telemetry transmitters, RF sub-systems, radar altimeters, IFF systems, C2 systems, data links, batteries, and ruggedized LCDs, computers, and camera systems. 

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