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TX, OK, KS, LA, AR Territory


Jim Falasco

Sales Representative

Jim Falasco has been involved in various sales, marketing and business development roles in the real-time embedded computing market, including all types of sensors, DSP and data collection sensors including seismic, video, acoustic, infrared, etc. During his career, he has worked on applications revolving around telemetry, telecommunications, C4ISR, ELINT, SIGINT, ELINT, simulation & modeling, and situational awareness display. He has held management positions and acted as a key team member with organizations such as General Electric Embedded Computing, Textron Defense Systems, Intel-Dialogic, CSPI & Gould Electronics, In the last ten years he has evolved key marketing strategies to leverage the internet and social media into effective technical product sales and lead generation engines. He maintains two websites dedicated to security, surveillance, and situational awareness in the asymmetrical era we are in today. Mr. Falasco holds an: M.S. from Western Michigan University and a B.S from Bowling Green State University. Jim is a member of SFTE and VFS.

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